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The all new Weatherlove

Your favourite Android Weather application is just around the corner to come out of the beta. With all new design and improved stability will change how you feel about weather. Stay tuned for more information.
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Unlimited locations

Location is automatically chosen by TFS geolocating algorithm, or simply manually entered by you. Weatherlove nicely tracks location and updates weather where you are, simply and effortlessly.

Hourly info

No more running around without an umbrella. Look at your mobile device before you go outside and enjoy your daily routine without worrying about upcoming weather.

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Expandable notifications and lockscreen widgets on Jellybean!

I wonder how will they look like? :P

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Expect something great!

Refreshed icon

Refreshed icon and styles to match ICS and Jellybean themes. It's all about love.

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Handcrafted by

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Widgets are loading!
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Stay tuned

More information is just around the corner. ;)